How to bet for free at the sports betting sites

 Many people new to sports betting don't realize the opportunities to place free bets at all the good sports betting websites. But don't let those opportunities miss you by - learn how to bet for free at all of those websites.

 The online sportsbooks are always in search of new customers, to the point that they are willing to offer people who have never bet with them before a large bonus in the form of free bets. If you have never opened an account with a particular bookmaker, you are automatically qualified to enjoy the free bet bonus and, naturally, bet for free at the sportsbook with it. As a matter of fact, when the betting sites advertise they often do by announcing how much in free bets a new player can get. For example, people signing up with Bodog Sports can get up to $500 in free bets, quite sizable amount. Then in turn you can use the money to bet for free at this betting website. Visit our Free Betting Bonuses to find out how much you can bet for free at each of the sportsbooks online.

 Keep in mind that those promotional offers are correlated to the amount of money the bettors deposits. Since the sportsbooks wouldn't just hand money to every person that stops by their website, the amount of free bets that the punter will get depends on how much they will deposit when they open a betting account for the first time. For example, the UK betting site Bet 365 will give new customers 200, but before they can take advantage of this free bet offer, the bettor has to deposit 200 as well. Still, doubling your money with what is essentially free bets is a great feature of the sports betting websites and one that should not be missed by the bettor.


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