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 For many bettors world-wide finding a good betting site to wager is really not an issue, but for the US players - it could be one of the most daunting tasks. Unlike in other jurisdictions, where internet sports betting is perfectly legal and the betting sites must be licensed and observe rules and regulations, in the United States online sports betting is still in the Wild West stages, even though it was the driving force behind the internet gambling boom. If you are looking for USA betting sites that accept US players and you decide to go on your own - it could easily spell a nightmare for the inexperienced. We cannot even begin to describe the issues and problems many USA bettors are facing when they end up at the wrong sportsbook.  Therefore we have created this list of USA betting websites:

USA Players Welcome Bonus Rating
Bovada $250 10/10
Bookmaker $3,000 10/10
5Dimes $200 9/10
BetDSI $3,000 8/10

 Of course, there are many more betting sites that welcome US players, but we are just not comfortable enough to even list them here, not to mention recommend them to anyone. Our frequent visitors know that we monitor the sports forums and blogs for the latest industry news, as well as player feedback on the USA friendly sportsbooks and the horror stories we have read about some of the more popular betting websites will make your hair stand on end. Keep in mind that even though a bookmaker may be popular, it doesn't mean their are good for the bettor - it simply means they have spent enough in advertising to gain popularity. The US betting sites listed above, while not a large number, represent the very best in the online sportsbook industry. Some of them are better than others, reflected in the rating, but those are small gripes we have with them, such as higher withdrawal fees or bonus rollover. Overall, however, those are the best US betting websites and you would be making a mistake if you decide to go with someone else.

 Now, does this mean that no one will ever have a problem, if they decide to open an account with one of the sportsbooks above? Of course, not. Problems are bound to arise even with the best US betting site, but how the bookie will handle the problem speaks volumes about their credibility and commitment to the customer. The sports betting websites listed on our USA players list will handle the issue in a way that would benefit the player and will always give you the benefit of the doubt, while some other sportsbooks (won't say names), will elt you wait for months to get your withdrawal, if ever.


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