Best betting sites for Premier League football bets

 With the English Premier League games underway more and more people are looking for betting websites to place a few bets on the matches. Whether you simply got caught up into the excitement of your co-worker holding a winning ticket (finally) or simply want to place a few small wagers for the sake of it, finding a good betting website is very important. The popularity of football betting, especially on the EPL games, is on the rise and with the demand comes the supply, some of which could be quite rotten. That's why if you have made the decision to bet on the Premier League games, make sure you only do so at a reputable sports betting website.

 Which betting site will be the best for Premier League football betting will mainly depend on a few factors the country you reside in, the stakes you consider betting, how often you want to withdraw your winning etc. We will generalize most of the factors here, picking a top EPL betting site for the main categories. Here are the best betting sites for Premier League match bets:

 Bet365 If you live in the UK, Canada or Western Europe and plan on playing recreational. This famous betting site offers some of the best odds on the Premier League football games, but does not allow people from USA to open accounts. Plenty of betting markets on each Premier League match are available and you won't be bored here. But while it has a stellar reputation, it does not like large bets (or should we say the big winners), so use it if you simply plan on wagering small. Of course, if you win a big amount the betting site will pay you, but you will find yourself having your bets limited to very small amounts. If you are a big fish, then we recommend:

 Pinnacle Sports for punters in UK, Canada, Europe and Asia. Pinnacle is among the most respected sports betting websites in the world and you can often hear US players crying over the bookie's departure from the USA. The main advantage of this betting site is that it will gladly accommodate very large football bets, in the thousands, and has the finances to pay the winners. This betting site does not offer bonus, instead they have opted to offer better odds on the Premier League games with reduced juice. Big punters could care less about getting 200 free, knowing that low juice on their large bets will cover such bonus many times over.

 Bookmaker for bettors in the USA, Canada and UK. This betting site, although focusing on USA players, offers great odds on all games from the English Premier League and even some betting props (markets). It is accommodating towards both the high roller and the recreational bettor alike bets on EPL range from $1 to $5,000. The best part it offers a $2,500 bonus for new customers and their rewards program is among the best in the industry, rivalling many of the UK bookmakers.

 So if you want to bet on the Premier League games this season and are looking for the best betting site to do so, the choices above are more than enough to get you started in the right direction. Remember that many sports betting websites, even those that advertise a lot and give air of reputation, are in fact lousy places to risk your money. Use one of the bookmakers above and your EPL winning bets will be safe and sound.

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